For over five years, farmworkers with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and consumers have called on Wendy’s to join all of its major competitors in the Presidential Medal-winning Fair Food Program. Rather than do its part to support the country’s leading program for eliminating sexual violence and forced labor in the workplace, Wendy’s has chosen to avoid its responsibility to protect farmworkers’ fundamental human rights.  Unlike the Fair Food Program, Wendy's voluntary supplier code of conduct contains no effective mechanisms for worker participation or standards enforcement. Now, hundreds of thousands strong, and endorsed by over 100 organizations, the Wendy’s Boycott will only continue growing until Wendy's does what is right and just.

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The Wendy’s Boycott has been built through the unwavering support of hundreds of thousands of consumer allies — students and youth, people of faith and conscience and community organizations — joining forces with farmworkers in a vibrant, national alliance to demand real, measurable accountability for human rights abuses in the company’s produce supply chain. There are countless ways to stand in solidarity with farmworkers in the movement for Fair Food, whether it’s just you or with your organization, student group or congregation. Find out how you can educate others, mobilize your community into action and sustain the efforts of thousands of allies in the national Wendy’s Boycott.


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