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For over five years, hundreds of thousands of farmworkers with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and their consumer allies have demanded verifiable protections against sexual violence and other human rights abuses in Wendy’s supply chain through the Presidential Medal-winning Fair Food Program. This summer, bowing to massive consumer pressure in the national Wendy’s Boycott, the fast-food giant announced its intention to move its purchases away from Mexico’s abusive tomato industry to greenhouse operations in the U.S. and Canada.

Wendy's has released misleading statements, including the claim that greenhouses have "inherent benefits of safe, indoor working conditions,” known to be false by farmworkers. This shift in sourcing doesn’t excuse Wendy’s from its duty to respect workers’ rights... it only puts Wendy’s leaders back where they started.

Greenhouses do not inherently protect farmworkers against sexual violence and abuse. Monitoring programs that lack worker participation and meaningful enforcement mechanisms, like the auditing schemes used by Wendy’s, have been proven to fail at guaranteeing a workplace free of exploitation. Wendy’s must join the Fair Food Program now!



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The Wendy’s Boycott has been built through a commitment to community, action, farmworker justice and the broader movement for Fair Food. It is through this commitment that we are able to strengthen the boycott, and ensure that our network can fuel the growing demand for justice from farmworkers, people of faith, students and consumers of conscience. 

Every contribution goes a long way in not just supporting the burgeoning boycott, but supporting farmworkers' vision for dignity and respect in the U.S. agricultural industry for years to come.