Join the Fair Food Nation in confronting the company’s series of unscrupulous actions — from declaring that farmworker women are “exploiting” the #MeToo movement to refusing to support a program that PBS Frontline called “unique in the country” in its ability to fight sexual harassment — at Wendy's annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday, June 5. We will not leave without an answer! Read more about how you can join us in Columbus for the action, or support from afar.


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For years, farmworkers with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and their allies have called on Wendy’s to join all of its major competitors in the Presidential Medal-winning Fair Food Program, a uniquely successful approach to eliminating human rights abuses in the agricultural industry. Instead of joining the Program, Wendy’s has taken its tomato purchases to Mexico, where workers continue to confront wage theft, gender-based violence, child labor, and even slavery without access to protections.  Now tens of thousands strong, and endorsed by over a hundred organizations, the boycott will only continue to grow until Wendy's does the right thing.



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The Wendy’s Boycott has been built through a commitment to community, action, farmworker justice and the broader movement for Fair Food. It is through this commitment that we are able to strengthen the boycott, and ensure that our network can fuel the growing demand for justice from farmworkers, people of faith, students and consumers of conscience. 

Every contribution goes a long way in not just supporting the burgeoning boycott, but supporting farmworkers' vision for dignity and respect in the U.S. agricultural industry for years to come.